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Why Priority?

We didn't spring up out of nowhere during the pandemic. We've been open since 1999, and we reinvested most of our pandemic-era profits directly back into the company.

No limits to your potential. Are you sick of being tied to a comp plan without any flexibility? We've figured out the holy grail of LO comp and opened the doors to more successful loan officers nationwide.

We've funded loans in-house since 1999, so we know how to close efficiently and smoothly. We're committed to the success of our LOS and clients, and it shows with incredible turn-times, hybrid eClose technology, and impeccable service.

We do NOT lose loans due to pricing. Margins are razor thin, and we use common sense to adjust to win deals on a daily basis. Our philosophy is simple: Give LOs a way to compete for EVERY loan in every market.

A dedicated in-house team with more than 20 years of combined mortgage marketing experience. From custom requests to ongoing support for your campaigns, the door is wide open to make big moves. This includes full support for DBAs as well!

"No borrower left behind" is the mantra. We have cookie-cutter products like conforming, FHA and VA, but we crush competitors with non-QM, DPAs, Hyper HELOC, ITIN, multifamily, commercial and construction options. More details available on our Loan Options page.

Priority has teamed with the latest and greatest of platforms to give our loan officers the tools to market and close loans with ease. From marketing CRMs and loan technology to keep loan officers informed and in control every step of the way.

Dare To Be Unconventional

Be A Marketing Maverick


Dedicated support for LOS with tailor-made marketing solutions, websites, and more, including support for your own DBA and branding. Elevate your brand and boost your business!


Provide free resources to realtor partners and convert more leads with our industry leading technology and team.


Leverage our industry leading CRM system to automate everyday tasks, freeing up your time to concentrate on business growth.

Razor-thin Margins

Because losing a loan to the competition isn't an option. When you choose us,
you're not just winning the deal; you're securing your future wins with our pricing.

Shape Up Your Closings

Streamlined Opperations



Our Loan Officers and LOA's send applications directly to Underwriting, streamlining the process and reducing conditions. Our trained LOAS also work closely with underwriters for quicker processing and greater control.



Indeed, we achieve a seven-day processing time thanks to dedicated pipeline managers who keep things moving swiftly. Our rapid document processing ensures satisfaction for borrowers, realtors, and you.



We avoid last-minute stress for borrowers and realtors. Our pre-closing team sends initial disclosures 3-10 days before closing and targets a clear-to-close status 5 days prior, ensuring a smooth closing.

Tech Partners

Here are a few companies we have platformed with to aid in the success of our loan officers.


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